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The Power of Purposeful Action

Transformative Coaching for those who love and teach Neurodiverse children and young adults



Create a positive and balanced life, in home & school

Parent Coaching

We will assist you in understanding your current challenges, guiding you from a state of confusion to one of confidence and intentionality through our effective, tailored, and practical approach

Accountability Partner

You've gathered important insights, asked relevant questions, and made a plan to bring peace to your home. However, real-life interruptions can sometimes get in the way.

Rest assured, we're here to support you!

School Consultation & Coaching

You're facing some specific issues related to behavior that are affecting the teaching and learning process. It could be a child whose behavior doesn't improve with typical methods, a teacher finding it hard to instruct a particular type of student, or you're seeking essential topics for professional development.

Direct ABA Therapy

If your child has autism, your healthcare provider might recommend ABA therapy to help them develop skills. After two years of offering ABA therapy services based on a medical model, we are temporarily stopping these services.

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The Finest Around

I have experienced the let down both personally and professionally when helpers get lost in protocols and procedures, when providers demand their point of view and pass judgement when the client disagrees. Individuality dampens and clients become invisible to posturing providers who focus on deficits, illness, and diagnosis. 

I've spent my professional career pushing against this mainstream reality within therapeutic environments. Over the years, I've focused on creating relationships, shifting towards positive expectancies, believing knowledge is power, and creating solutions for clients that aligns with their personality, values, and motivation. 

After being disappointed in not finding companies who aligns with my approach, I started Interplay ABA where human beings connect and as a team, move towards life - affirming change.


As one of the favorite metaphors explains better than I could: We keep an eye on the destination, but spend energy and time preparing the vehicle and checking that the engine works. 

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Think of investing in a Parent Coach as adding tools to your toolbox

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Knowledge Is Power

Monthly Tips on Supporting your Neurodiverse Children 

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