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Interplay ABA

What if your provider shifted the focus from problems to possibilities?

An Empowering Perspective

Interplay ABA was started to advocate for well-being, resilience, and health within the behavioral change journey.

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" (Theodore Roosevelt)

I have experienced the let down both personally and professionally when helpers get lost in protocols and procedures, when providers demand their point of view and pass judgement when the client disagrees. Individuality dampens and clients become invisible to posturing providers who focus on deficits, illness, and diagnosis. 

I've spent my professional career pushing against this mainstream reality within therapeutic environments. Over the years, I've focused on creating relationships, shifting towards positive expectancies, believing knowledge is power, and creating solutions for clients that aligns with their personality, values, and motivation. 

After being disappointed in not finding companies who aligns with my approach, I started Interplay ABA where human beings connect and as a team, move towards life - affirming change.


As one of the favorite metaphors explains better than I could: We keep an eye on the destination, but spend energy and time preparing the vehicle and checking that the engine works. 

With love,


Our Community

 Where Every Identity Thrives Together




Neurodiverse Uniqueness


Cultural, Spiritual, Thought, Belief, Historical Diversity

Our Team

Our forward thinking technicians empower their clients to thrive.

Our stellar team implements evidence-based behavior interventions that foster independence, self-esteem, and personal growth, while nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment.

It takes courage to think differently.

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