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Working at a Boutique Agency

Interplay ABA is a small, specialized company that provides highly personalized and customized services to our clients. We aren't in it for a short time, we're motivated and dedicated to building a therapeutic relationship without each other and with our clients. 

One of the key benefits of working for a boutique agency is the level of personalized attention and care you'll receive, as you work closely with your BCBA to understand your clients unique needs and goals, and implement tailored strategies and solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

As a small agency, we don't have the resources or the red tape you'll find within larger agencies. 

We aren't a company that believes "one size fits all" and we're looking for unique individuals who are creative, innovative, and have a strong belief in advocating for professional and personal wellbeing to join us in championing a life-affirming perspective of behavior change. 

Let's cross paths. 

O: 551-574-2974

Services from a Boutique Agency

Receiving services from a small agency has perks! 

Because we are small, you'll expect a highly collaborative approach to therapy and flexibility in terms of scheduling, location, and other therapy-related decisions. This can help to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

Our agency offers a higher level of personalized attention and support. You'll have the opportunity to communicate more frequently with your therapist and BCBA and receive more individualized feedback and support. 

Interplay was founded and is currently directed by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts which means pesky privatized corporations aren't calling the shots.  We don't have anyone to answer to, so we stay true to our science, our word, our mission, and our values. 

Call to inquire if we are accepting new families!

o: 551 - 574 - 2974

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