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Frequently Asked Questions

We value transparency and choices that are right for you.

If you don't see a question, please reach out.

  • What should I do now?
    If your services are supported by state or commercial insurance, please get in touch with member services to obtain a list of ABA providers within your network. Many of the larger ABA companies may be able to offer assistance or place you on a waiting list. In North Jersey, there are numerous agencies that offer these services, so we recommend reaching out to as many as possible.
  • What does this mean?
    Interplay ABA consists of a compact group of therapists who dedicate their time and effort to treat each family as if they were part of our own. Currently, we have implemented a hiring freeze, which means we are unable to provide assistance to new families whose services would be covered by state or commercial insurance.
  • What is the price of Behavior (ABA) Therapy?
    If your child is autistic, they can receive ABA therapy under your commercial and state insurance, but copays and deductibles apply. For non-autistic children with behavioral challenges or conditions like ADHD or ODD, ABA therapy is a private service that insurance does not cover.
  • What makes you unique, I can just call the next ABA company.
    We take a holistic approach to behavioral therapy, considering the client's mind, body, and spirit. Our focus is on creating sustainable behavioral change using the Solutogenics framework, which emphasizes individual strengths, current positives, and social connections as essential components.
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