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Parent Empowerment Coaching

Compassionate, regulated, and knowledgeable adults should not be an occasional luxury in a child's life. 

No Topic is Off Limits

Child Related

  • Behavioral Issues, Bullying, Social Isolation, Homework and Study Habits, Special Education Needs, Peer Relationships, Health and Safety, Transitions, Communication Skills, Technology Usage, Peer Pressure, Refusal, Tantrums and Emotional Outbursts, , Sibling Conflicts, Bedtime and Sleep Issues, Mealtime Challenges, Chores and Responsibilities, Screen Time and Technology Use, Aggressive Behavior, Whining and Nagging, Hygiene and Self-Care, Respect and Manners, Social Skills, Emotional Well-Being, Sexuality and Relationships, Safety

Parent Related

  • Low tolerance, Document Review (IEP, reports, 504), 

How exactly will a coach support me?

A parent coach helps a parent by providing guidance, support, and strategies to improve their parenting skills and enhance their relationship with their child.


Here are some ways a Coach can support you:

  • Skill Development

  • Problem-Solving

  • Communication Improvement

  • Emotional Support

  • Setting Goals

  • Individualized Guidance

  • Building Confidence

  • Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships

  • Accountability

  • Resource and Referral

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"Think of seeking support as adding tools to your personal toolbox.
These tools can empower you to manage challenges more effectively."


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